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Chinese Sex Toys
Chinese Sex Toys
Chinese Sex Toys

Chinese Sex Toys

An interview about dildos from China. No, really.

Have you ever thought about the process behind designing and marketing a sex toy? What does it take to not just to convince somebody to stick something inside them/them inside something but to make it seem appealing? Where does one begin when working out how to make an inanimate lump of plastic arousing? Deep soul searching stuff for sure my friends, but also a gold mine of a business opportunity because there are a lot of lonely people out there with an almost uninterrupted ability to electronically shop themselves into a black hole of debt.

What's more I’m sure there’s some art and design in there too. You know, making a toy looks less like a plain old dick/boring vagina and more like a spaceship OR making it look exactly a certain person’s pussy/cock is no small task. Actually, shit, there’s an ass load of skills that must go into that. Painting a picture is child’s play, but how many five year olds do you know who can fashion a life-like anus to fondle with? (Hopefully the answer is zero.)

Anyway I was recently put in touch with Ashes, who lives and works in China designing boxes of erotic fun for Chinese people who wish to take the ethos of DIY to a whole new place (DYY to be exact). We had a chat about what kind of shapes Chinese people like to squeeze inside them/squeeze into and how one goes about pandering to such carnal urges.


AWEH: Who are you and what do you do?

Ashes: I’m Ashes. CEO of Mariogo Science & Technology.

AWEH: Awesome. Was it your childhood dream to make sex toys?

Ashes: No, my dream is just to be rich yeah.

AWEH: Sure it is. Are all your customers female or do boys like to play too?

Ashes: Boys are more than girls. 

AWEH: Shit, for reals? So does a toy have to look like a real human body part?

Ashes: They don’t have to. But they can make you feel better I swear (hahaha). 

AWEH: How do you test if a toy is good? Do you test it on yourself?

Ashes: Yes, I test it on myself. But there is no scientific standard. It depends on people’s psychological states and feelings.

AWEH: For sure. So are most of your customers in China or overseas?  

Ashes: They are Chinese customers. We don’t aim at oversea market specifically but we will never reject the overseas market either. 

AWEH: It's quite popular for famous porn stars to make sex toys copying parts of their body, is there a market for this in China too? For example Chinese people seem to like Kenny G, do you think people would buy a toy modeled after his penis or anus?

Ashes: People buy the modeled one out of psychosexuality…

AWEH: By law do you have to include safety instructions with your toys, like where not to insert them?

Ashes: We have our cooking book to guide people how to play with them and how to get a better feeling.

AWEH: Cooking book, heh, cute. In case some of our readers want to try making their own toys at home do you have any tips?

Ashes: Never let your hand-made toys appear in the hospital...that’s the principle.

AWEH: That, that is sage advice. What exciting new products do you have coming out?

Ashes: Magic box. We don’t produce or supply single sex toys; we supply the whole sets which is called Magic Box according to the results of personal tests. And they never know what’s inside before they open it. 

AWEH: I think everyone likes a magical box. How can people find out more about your toys?

Ashes: They will find out more if they get more